Chicago 9-7-2012 Stage-used signed drum heads

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2012 The Tour Eric Singer Drum Heads.
These are just awesome. We have almost every show from 2012. Erics Drum set included 7 different drum heads and after every show they were changed, labeled, and put into a bag. Eric also signed EVERY SINGLE head.
Erics set included the following
8" Tom Head. All have lyrics for Hell or Hallelujah
10" Tom Head. All have lyrics for Hell or Hallelujah
12" Tom Head.
13" Tom Head.
13" Snare Head. All have lyrics for Hell or Hallelujah
14" Tom Head
18" Tom Head
Some sets are complete. Some arent. No idea why. These have been in storage for almost 10 years. Whats included and prices will be listed.
We will include guitar picks from the city also. We have picks for every city.
Chicago includes  8 12 13 14 and 18 Tom heads. Signed in Blue